DSIT Introduces a New Lightweight, Compact, Portable Diver Detection Sonar System, the PointShield™ DDS

Givat Shmuel, Israel (June 8, 2010)

DSIT announced today that it will officially introduce its new lightweight, compact, portable Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) system, the PointShield™ DDS at two exhibitions taking place in Europe and the United States this month. The first is the Underwater Defence Technology (UDT) Conference and Exhibition that is taking place June 8 – 10 in Hamburg, Germany and the second is the Maritime Systems and Technology (MAST) Conference and Exhibition taking place June 22 – 24 in Washington, D.C. The company will present a paper about its comprehensive concept of underwater site protection at MAST.
Dan Ben-Dov, DSIT’s VP Sales & Marketing commented on the field of underwater site security, “We have been selling our AquaShield™ DDS system since 2007, and with many systems ordered and installed in various countries around the world we are constantly learning more about what the market needs through feedback from our satisfied customers. One of the most important points has been the special needs of some energy customers with facilities on the water that require protection of small restricted areas, such as water intake channels, canals, rivers or narrow entrances. Naval customers have also expressed their desire for the same winning AquaShield™ features in a lightweight compact inexpensive version. We decided to meet all of these needs by developing and adding a second shield to our underwater site security Shield™ family of products. The PointShield™ is a highly advanced underwater security system for coverage of short to medium ranges against the threats of divers using open and closed breathing apparatus and Swimmer Delivery Vehicles.”
Like its bigger brother the AquaShield™, the PointShield™ boasts a unique modular design that enables tailoring of the system to customer requirements and site specific geography. This new tough but light DDS offers detection for even the weakest of targets, and can easily handle hundreds of tracks simultaneously. DSIT has ensured the same winning features in the PointShield™ that have made the AquaShield™ name synonymous with underwater site security – fully automatic mode of operation, very low maintenance requirements and high system reliability.
DSIT’s CEO, Benny Sela, remarked, “Even before its official introduction to the market, three PointShield units have already been ordered and delivered. We are using the two upcoming exhibitions to mark the official introduction of the PointShield™. We are very pleased with the excellent results we are seeing from this compact system, which has been successfully tested against divers in several locations, including the USA. We see the PointShield™ as further enabling us to tailor protection for any site, thereby meeting the customer’s needs at the lowest possible price for coverage. When required, DSIT is capable of combining our two modular DDS systems into an integrated underwater security system. We are also capable of integrating our underwater security solutions with above water surveillance sensors, such as radars, cameras, and motion detectors, to create a full comprehensive above and below water Harbor Surveillance System (HSS).”

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