DSIT Solutions Successfully Delivers to Israeli Navy the First Stage of the Dolphin Submarine Tactical Trainer Project

Givat Shmuel, Israel (March 12, 2009)

DSIT announced today the successful completion and delivery of Stage I (out of two stages) of the Dolphin Submarine Tactical Trainer project for the Israeli Navy. The project, which was awarded to DSIT in June, 2007, following an international tender, called for the simulation of all sonar and weapons systems on board the submarine. The simulator allows the Dolphin tactical team of officers and operators to practice on shore in an environment that duplicates that of an actual submarine at sea.

“Based on this successful project and the valuable assets, knowledge and experience it has afforded us, we plan to market similar systems, as well as derivatives of simulators, to fleets around the world,” said Dan Ben-Dov, DSIT’s VP Sales and Marketing. “Our history of successful projects with the Israeli Navy is continuing with this delivery of the first stage of the Dolphin submarine trainer. This combat simulator joins a growing family of advanced sonar and acoustic projects that DSIT has completed for the Navy including the supply of a mobile acoustic range, sonar simulators, the Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS) system for the Israeli Navy’s Sa’ar 5 missile corvettes, and more.”

Benny Sela, DSIT’s CEO, commented on those involved in the project, “This project represents state of the art sonar and acoustic simulation and training technology; and we are very proud of our excellent development team. They have worked hard and well to finalize this important operational stage of the project to the complete satisfaction of the Israeli Navy. The team’s accomplishment signifies the very high level of technological knowledge and experience that have been invested, and we are gratified by the warm reception that this phase of the project has received from the customer. DSIT is in a unique position to supply additional navies with highly advanced submarine simulators at very affordable prices.”

Work on the final Dolphin Project stage is well underway and expected to reach completion in 10 months. This final phase will bring the submarine tactical trainer to a state of full representation of the entire spectrum of submarine weapon systems, sensors, and C&C systems, as they are on the actual Dolphin submarines.

2009b - DSIT Solutions Successfully Delivers to Israeli Navy the First Stage of the Dolphin Submarine Tactical Trainer Project