Swordfish™ TAS Block Diagram

Main Features

  • Passive Broadband and Narrowband automatic classifier including automatic detection & tracking of underwater targets
  • Imbedded Range Prediction System (RPS)
  • Multiple display modes for Active and Passive operation including user friendly HMI and GUI
  • Built-in simulator and Telemetry (BIT)
  • Automatic torpedo alert
  • low deck signature

Swordfish™ TAS Block Diagram – ELECTRONIC ROOM

02 1 - Swordfish™ TAS Block Diagram

Swordfish™ TAS Block Diagram – DECK

02 2 - Swordfish™ TAS Block Diagram

Swordfish™ TAS Block Diagram – SUBSEA

04 1 - Swordfish™ TAS Block Diagram

Designed for a variety of missions, the SwordFishTM sonar is suitable for use on vessels of various sizes, including frigates, corvettes, offshore patrol vessels (OPV) and other small vessels. It complements DSIT’s BlackFish hull-mounted sonar (HMS) system and DSIT’s SeaShieldTM static active submarine detection sonar. when used for littoral defence, all DSIT’s sonar systems can now be operated via one onshore control station. This unique solution considerably reduces the number of sonar operators needed for coastal ASW operations. It also allows the re-allocation of precious ASW capable platforms for other important missions away from the littorals. This defence concept creates a unique solution for the defence of the littorals from submarines and smaller underwater threats.

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