DSIT Solutions Ltd. (hereinafter “DSIT”) develops, manufactures and delivers reliable and usable products, solutions and services:

  • While safeguarding the safety and occupational health of all personnel.
  • According to the customer expectations and satisfaction.
  • On time and within budget.
  • In high-quality standards.
  • While safeguarding the environment.

DSIT manages an integrated quality system and is certified by the standards institution of Israel for the following standards:
The occupational health and safety management standard OHSAS 18001:2007, the quality management standard and guidelines
ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 90003:2004 and the environmental management standard ISO 14001:2015.

The integrated quality system guides the company in all its work processes, including planning, development, deployment, field and sea trials, customer service and maintenance.

The integrated quality system defines and implements structured and organized processes whose objectives are:

  • Resolving inconsistencies with international standards and legal requirements, including issues of safety and environment.
  • Meeting defined and agreed customer requirements.
  • Reducing to a minimum the number of bugs and inconsistencies with customer requirements.
  • Providing appropriate tools to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the integrated quality management system with gradual, continual improvement by periodically setting goals and objectives in the areas of safety, occupational health, quality and environment.

DSIT strives to continually improve the quality of its processes and products while showing concern for employee safety and occupational health and minimizing the damage to the environment and to natural resources.

The integrated quality system is reviewed periodically to ascertain the extent of the current system, its effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its goals, its implementation and its integration at all company levels.

DSIT management ensures that all its employees recognize, understand and implement this policy as applicable, and publishes it for stakeholder review on the company’s website.

DSIT management is committed to the safety, quality and environment policy and management system and allocates the resources necessary for the successful implementation of this policy.

9001 2015 DSIT small - Integrated Quality Policy
DSIT 27001 2013 SMALL 1 - Integrated Quality Policy
diver detection system quality policy and system
14001 2015 e - Integrated Quality Policy