DSIT Solutions is a globally-oriented high-tech company that develops and produces underwater security, sonar and acoustic-based systems for the commercial, energy, defense, and homeland security markets.

Utilizing its top tier Real-Time and Embedded systems development capabilities, DSIT has developed both active and passive sonar systems as well as advanced signal processing applications.

The Company offers a full range of sonar and acoustic-related solutions for a variety of customer needs. Our offering includes off-the-shelf systems ready for field deployment, as well as specifically tailored solutions to meet the special requirements that many of our customers have.

Underwater Security
underwater security
DSIT integration laboratory

The Company’s offering includes long range fully automatic underwater security systems, advanced sonar simulators for technical and tactical training, acoustic measurement and analysis solutions, and ASW applications. The company’s highly advanced embedded solutions are an integral part of our sonar solutions and are also marketed as stand-alone products.

DSIT employs a world-class multi-disciplinary team of professionals that are skilled in the latest and most advanced technologies and development environments. Many of the Company’s team have served as high-ranking naval officers. The contribution of diverse service records and backgrounds has led to a team that possesses a profound understanding of both the technical and the operational needs pertaining to our field of expertise.

Known for its flexibility and agility, DSIT quickly and efficiently creates affordable customized solutions to meet the individual needs of customers around the world. At DSIT, the satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority and the Company is fully committed to provide its customers with high performance, reliable and easy to maintain solutions.