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Software Engineer for Algorithm and Real-Time signal processing

Job requirement

  • A.s or B.A.s in computer science or science disciplines (Computer Science, Software Engineer, Electrical engineer, Physics or Math)
  • At least 5+ years experience
  • Highly skilled C++ (C++11 advantage) server-side developer
  • Knowledge of one or more of the followings:
    • Matlab API (mex) – must
    • Python binding (pybind11) – must
    • js
    • Python
    • Non-SQL DB (BSON and mongo dB) – must
    • Data Visualization (js)
    • Libuv
    • Cuda
  • Experience in signal processing programming (i.e. FFT, Spectrogram) and real-time systems
  • Good Documentation skills
  • Team Player
  • Highly capable and fast learner

Work Interest

Server-side programming and implementation of fiber optic algorithm.

As a working member of the algorithm team, you are responsible for bringing to life wide variety of algorithms in the field of real-time sensing, signal processing, information fusion, detection, classification, learning algorithm and tracking, all based on real-life physical signals.

Work with multidisciplinary team and researchers (academia and industry).

Reports to Fiber-optic signal processing team leader.


Please send your application (resume) and career description to [email protected]