DSIT Announces Two New Development Projects

Givat Shmuel, Israel ( 1/01/2008)

DSIT Solutions Ltd. has been awarded two development projects valued at over half a million dollars by a major Israeli defense integrator. These projects involve the integration of subsystems developed by DSIT into systems built by the Customer. The projects also contain an option for expansion in the future.

The projects take advantage of DSIT’s experience in the field of Command, Control and Communication (C3), as the company continues to invest significant resources in the development of C3 systems. This award joins the ranks of other commercial and military customers in employing DSIT expertise in its projects for naval weapons systems, and advanced telemetry systems for airborne equipment.

According to Benny Sela, CEO of DSIT, “The award of these projects to DSIT represents the continuation of a long tradition of successful collaboration between the Company and major defense and commercial companies in various areas of endeavor. This long term collaboration includes development and implementation of advanced subsystems in both software and hardware embedded in the Customer’s systems, as well as cooperation in the area of sonar and acoustics, where DSIT has the capacity to serve as a major subcontractor for sonar system enhancement.”

John A. Moore, CEO of Acorn Energy, DSIT’s parent company, commented “These new project awards fit in well with our goal to accelerate the growth of emerging energy related ventures that promise meaningful improvements in the efficiency of the energy sector. We believe that DSIT is well equipped to develop similar systems for companies in the energy sector, providing them with real time command, control and communication systems over a myriad of activities. This ability contributes significantly to our vision of creating value for energy companies through the latest in intelligent applications.”

2008b - DSIT Announces Two New Development Projects