DSIT has a proven track record of successful projects covering diverse sectors of state-of-the-art communication technologies. It operates in a variety of application domains, encompassing hardware, software and firmware. These areas include:

  • Bluetooth solutions
  • VoIP/ RoIP applications
  • Modems & data links
Bluetooth Applications

Bluetooth is a powerful, low cost, wireless technology that is revolutionizing the personal connectivity market around the globe. It enables short-range wireless links that seamlessly connect all types of mobile and other devices (laptops, mobile and landline phones, portable handheld devices, etc.) offering anywhere/anytime connectivity between devices, and with the Internet.

DSIT is a leader in Bluetooth wireless data & voice solutions for OEMs, including Hardware & software development, integration & production. Among the solutions that we have provided our customers you can find:

  • A wireless headset implementation, marketed successfully worldwide
  • Wireless communications between surgical sensors and a computer controller
  • Wireless data transfer & networking solutions for specialized units of armed forces
Voice/Radio over IP (VoIP/RoIP)

VoIP/RoIP technology converts voice or radio signals to digital format, thus allowing transmission of the digital data over the IP networks. DSIT has experience in developing and producing advanced Radio over IP Gateways, including hardware and embedded software. Application areas include tactical military system communications. Additional experience includes developing VoIP gateway software for a pioneering VoIP system developer.

PCMCIA Soft Modem Card

DSIT’s PCMCIA Soft Modem card is a state of the art modem and an example of the advanced technology we have achieved in performance and miniaturization of complex technologies. The design simplicity and flexibility allows customers to easily define and create a range of applications, and to design the card into a variety of OEM products, using the same, or slightly modified, hardware. The on-board processor enables and manages transfer of data over radio networks using different radio systems.