IT Solutions has expertise in the field of Signal Acquisition & Processing applications. Based on the company’s profound understanding of the field of acoustics and its highly advanced software and hardware development capabilities, DSIT has developed related state of the art products. The following products are available:

Signal Processing System (SPS)

The SPS is a complete signal processing system housed in a 6U CPCI chassis. It provides 96 transmit and/or receive channels capability. Processing is performed via multi CPU cards. The system includes all required infrastructures such as telemetry and LAN.


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Signal Acquisition Card

Acquisition Card. This high peformance card supports 32 input channels with simultaneous sampling at rates of up to 1MHz per channel. A number of boards can be operated synchronously to achieve simultaneous sampling of N x 32 channels.The signal acquisition card model DSI-C64-AD-32 is a 32 Analog Input Channels 6U Compact PCI Data


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Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) Card

The PGA card is a high performance, 16 amplifier channels card with variable gain. The card provides the high dynamic range and very low noise level that are required in sensitive audio and sound systems.


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Chassis for PGA Card

The PGA chassis provides the mechanical and electrical environment required in order to use the PGA cards as a stand-alone amplification unit.


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Signal Conditioning Unit (SCU)

The SCU is a multi-channel variable gain amplifier unit. It is comprised of up to 24 PGA (Programmable Gain Amplifier) cards mounted in the PGA chassis to provide a complete high performance amplification unit.

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