Sonar Upgrade Program

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Sonar Upgrade

Sonar Upgrade Program

With DSIT’s sophisticated Sonar Upgrade package, all types of outdated sonar systems, onboard both surface ships and submarines, can be quickly and inexpensively updated.

Our system upgrade process will completely modernize a ship’s sonar systems – delivering similar performance as that of a new sonar system at much reduced cost.
Many navies around the world are forced to use obsolete sonar systems that are often in service for over 20 years due to budget limitations that prevent them from procuring modern equipment. In response to this critical need, DSIT has developed a comprehensive sonar upgrading program (SUP).

The SUP is based on our expertise in sonar and acoustic technologies, digital signal processing (DSP), and human-machine interface (HMI), as well as our extensive, continuous feedback from our customer base of many navies.

Our Sonar Upgrade Program optimizes existing sonar systems by performing the following:

  • Replacing old back-end elements with state-of-the-art sub-systems e.g. receivers, processors, computers and operator consoles
  • Overhauling front-end elements e.g. transducers and transmitter power amplifiers without modifying the ship’s hull
  • Providing highly advanced PC-Based Sonar software with state-of-the-art signal processing techniques
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Our end-to-end replacement and overhauling program assures the highest level of performance and reliability – for even the most outdated and overworked systems. Our Program included the following Features & Benefits:
  • Enhanced processing techniques
  • Built-in range predication software (RPS)
  • Built-in automatic test features (BIT)
  • Improved operability, displays & human-machine interface (HMI)
  • Replacement of processing cabinets with PC computers reduce on-board space requirements
  • High system maintainability
  • Built-in training simulators