TOWED ARRAY SONAR TAS – SWORDFISH™ - Towed Array Sonar (TAS) - Swordfish™

Swordfish™ Towed Array Sonar (TAS)

  • DSIT Solutions SwordFish™ is a Passive or Passive & Active low frequency towed array sonar (TAS) system-Designed to operate with the medium frequency of both the BlackFishTM HMS and bow-mounted sonar (BMS) in littoral and deep-water ASW operations
  • The SwordFish™ is capable of underwater target search, detection, tracking and classification in passive, active and parallel modes
  • Each sonar system includes machine learning technologies for automation of algorithms and reduction of operator workload or knowledge requirement
  • The lightweight TAS system, with its low deck signature, is suitable for surface vessels of various sizes, including frigates, corvettes, offshore patrol vessels (OPV) and even small vessels such as fast patrol craft (FPC)
Towed Array Sonar

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