Blackfish display concept 1 2017 - Blackfish™ Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS)
DSIT BLACKFISH HMS Logo Small - Blackfish™ Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS)

The company’s advanced Hull Mounted Sonars can be tailored to the specific needs of navies based on their operational requirements and size of vessels.

Blackfish HMS general block diagram:
DSIT Blackfish block diagram - Blackfish™ Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS)
DSIT Blackfish HMS logo - Blackfish™ Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS)

DSIT’s HMS includes:

  • Wide Aperture Receive Array covered by acoustic transparent sonar dome
  • Powerful Transmitter
  • Multiple Power Amplifier modules with very high transmit efficiency (designed by DSIT)
  • Conditioning unit
  • Highly advanced Signal Processor module for active and passive detection
  • Operator console with two large high-resolution  monitors
  • Built in Training Simulator (TS) enables training of operators on board the vessel
DSIT Blackfish HMS TX cabinet - Blackfish™ Hull Mounted Sonar (HMS)

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