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Harbor Security – Harbor Surveillance System (HSS)

It has become increasingly critical that ports, coastal installations, and oil rigs around the world be safeguarded against unwanted intruders, who may intend sabotage, unlawful entry, or terror attacks.

In answer to the pressing global need for reliable harbor protection and underwater port security, DSIT has developed a comprehensive Harbor Surveillance System that reliably detects, tracks and warns intruders, including:

  • Divers
  • Swimmers
  • Submersibles, including mini-subs
  • Small surface vessels, including rubber boats, kayaks, etc.
DSIT’s end-to-end system creates a unified Command & Control Center by integrating:
The system can be operate in:
  • Shallow or deep water
  • Daytime or nighttime
  • All weather conditions
  • High frequency diver detection sonar systems
  • Electro-optical observation systems (day/night)
  • High resolution radar
  • Command & control system
  • Direction unit
  • High probability of detection
  • Very low false alarm rate
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Detects divers with open or closed breathing systems
  • Detects swimmers
  • Detects small surface targets & submersibles
  • Detects & locates intruders in shallow & deep water, day & night, and in severe weather conditions
  • Easily adaptable to individual harbor structures and configurations
Harbor Surveillance System 1 - Harbor Surveillance System (HSS)

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