DSIT Solutions Ltd. is a high tech company that specializes in the field of fiber-optic sensing, underwater security systems, sonar and acoustics.

Based on its advanced development capabilities in both software and hardware, DSIT offers a full set of FO sensing, sonar and acoustic solutions.

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DSIT is participating at MILIPOL Paris 2019 exhibition

19-22 November
Paris, FranceIsraeli
Pavillion, RAFAEL
Stand (5-D-025)

DSIT is presenting:

  • The Blackfish HMS/BMS – Hull/Bow Mounted Sonar.
  • The SwordFish Sonar – A new, innovative and compact ASW sonar.
  • DDS & PDDS – fixd & portable fully autonomous diver detection sonar systems
  • Other DSIT HLS and defense solutions

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